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I am passionate about a lot of things: faith, family, fun and of course, homes! As a former IT professional, I have the latest technology at my fingertips to help you find your perfect home. Give me a call and see why I am a top rated Oklahoma House Hunter!

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Client Testimonial:

Everything happens for a reason. My husband and I were in love with this one house that was so different than every other house and it stood out in the best way! BUT upon walking the house we discovered how much this house was a money pit! And our hearts were broken! Sandra said she had cleared her schedule for the night and she was all ours and would be happy to show us some more houses in the area if we wanted. She took us to the neighborhood just to the north and showed us a house that was the same price we were looking at before and had EXACTLY what we had told her we liked! Every realtor before didn't listen to what we wanted and took us to the top of our max budget! When we walked in to the house this insane amount of comfort and warmth rushed over us and not even 5 minutes in we put an offer down! Sandra was so patient with all of our questions and the husband and wife texting back and forth! She was so patient with our 2 1/2 year old running around the house like crazy and making so much noise and so excited about the stairs! Her team of inspectors were so nice, fast, and honest! The sellers were also the most amazing couple and we are FIRM believers that this was supposed to happen!

The May Family